"No one had faith in me until Wraparound."  We have sat across from numerous mothers often at the end of their rope.  When we see their face and hear these words, it reminds us of the difference that we are making in the lives of families in our community.

Over the past 4 years, we have worked with numerous families, couples and individuals.  We continue to be amazed at the pain and suffering so many people in Louisiana have endured.  Every time we believe we've seen it all, we meet a family that has experienced more than we can imagine.  Thinking about our own families, there have been times where we thought we wouldn't make it.  Certainly, we would fail at being parents, spouses, or to meet financial obligations. In our darkest times, community surrounded each of our families to lift us up.

Wraparound is about surrounding people with what they need and empowering their own strengths to meet their goals as a family.

There are so many stories that shape our lives and the lives of others around us. We all have different experiences that influence our successes and failures.  We each have beliefs about what will work to fix the issue at hand.  Wraparound seeks to focus on the wants and desires that each family hopes to achieve. 

Time and time again, love wins.

It is not about the process we use or about the perfect combination of services.  It is not about pointing out what someone did wrong.  It is about doing what we say we will do and finding hope where there was none.  We have watched children come into our services wanting to take their own lives, and two years later, we've been able to cheer them on as they cross a stage to receive a diploma.  The situation was never easy and often we would sit in the office trying to figure out what we could do differently. There have been times when staff have cried together, sought advice and sat not knowing the answers.  Each family's small success led to a piece of hope that moved us on to the next moment, the next wave of success, which was desperately needed to continue.

It has been evident that what worked was love and support.  We strive to be an organization that continues to see the light within others.  We hope reading our families' successes brings you hope.  A hope knowing that despite the hardships life may bring, there is always a possibility of change.






AuthorAmy Clark