Janice and her husband struggled to provide their daughter, Sam, with the care she needed. Being autistic and suffering from mild M.R., Sam was unable to express to her family what she needed, and in this frustration, Sam would act out in the only way that made sense to her. Exhausted and no where to turn, Janice and her husband turned to a doctor's recommendation to send Sam to an out-of-state treatment center.

Sam's parents were expecting some understanding and resolution until they received a call stating there was an issue with their insurance, and Sam had to come home earlier than expected. When Wraparound met with Janice, it was clear she loved Sam but was distressed by the thought of her daughter's early return.  Janice and her family was not well-connected in the community and was very open to Wraparound's idea of a team being built to help her daughter and family.  Reaching, what they believed to be, the end of their rope, Janice and her husband said they needed help.  

Wraparound began working with the family. Sam's Special Education Coordinator and School Counselor came to the first Child and Family Team Meeting (CFT). Together with Sam and her family, the team created a plan.  The school's representatives wanted to continue helping and asked if they could bring pizza to the next CFT.  As the meeting was wrapping up, Janice said, "I have been needing this since my daughter was two!  I didn't need another therapist, I needed someone to help coordinate and advocate for us."

Two months into working with Wraparound, the family hit a roadblock.  Janice's husband abandoned the family, leaving Janice all alone and with little support in the home.  The one person she relied on the most was gone.  Janice felt defeated and wanted to give up.  It was at this time, Wraparound and the team worked hard to connect the family with more supports in the community and to create more structure in the home.  We knew Janice could make it through this tough time.  She just needed to believe it for herself.

You are strong.  You are capable.  And even on the days you feel like a failure, you're still the brightest light in her life.

Months later, Janice did a beautiful job in standing up for her daughter.  Through the plan, Sam began participating at the local zoo.  This enabled her to have extra social interaction, provided her with a structured environment, and more importantly, gave her the opportunity to do something she loved doing.

Too many times we've run into families that just need a helping hand.  They need someone to say, "I believe in you.  You are going to make it through this.  Let's tackle this together."  Never forget the power of a kind word and a giving hand. A simple gesture can be the encouragement they need to keep going.

Note: Names and identifying factors have been changed to protect the anonymity of our families.

AuthorAmy Clark
CategoriesSuccess Stories