Here at Wraparound, we hear families's stories, see a lot of pain, and embrace the idea that life can be messy. Even with the messiest situations, hope is the onset of change.

Alexis was like every other child: rambunctious, beautiful, and ready to face the world one glitter glue stick at a time. When Alexis turned four, life began to change.  Alexis's mom, Tracy, was a young mom who struggled with balancing the responsibilities of raising a child and what life was like before Alexis, and in her struggle, Tracy made a mistake which resulted in imprisonment for the next 12 years. 

What used to be a little girl full of life and wonder, transformed in to emptiness, guilt, and an unknowing of where she belonged.  Alexis lived with various family members from the age of 4-16.  She showed her sadness through anger and quickly became labelled as the "difficult child." At the age of 9, Alexis endured persistent sexual abuse from her uncle.  Seven years later, Alexis built up the courage to stand up for herself and tell someone.  It was at this time the state stepped in and placed Alexis into foster care.  With hopes of Alexis staying with family, the state moved her back with her aunt. It was at this time her aunt allowed Alexis to have contact with the uncle that abused her. Alexis was then relocated to a temporary living facility and then to a children's home.  Years of abuse, abandonment, and an unknowing of what her future holds led to anger.  In hopes of helping, the state sent Alexis to a psychiatric hospital. 

Wraparound Services then received a referral for Alexis.

Wraparound began reaching out to Alexis's family, and after speaking with her aunt, we found out her mother had been released from prison and was wanting custody of her daughter. The state's goal was reunification, but Alexis's mother, Tracy, was running out of time.  Still, Tracy wasn't going to give up on her daughter.

Alexis began to have hope.

Wraparound began working with mother and daughter to develop a Plan of Care, specific to their needs and strengths, and to bring a team together to work towards one goal: bringing Alexis and her mother back together.  The team included Alexis's state worker, therapists, and a support specialists.

 After three months of persistent work, Alexis mother completed all of the state requirements, and Alexis and her mother were successfully reunited. Tracy told her Wraparound facilitator, "No one had faith in me until Wraparound, and this plan wasn't going anywhere until Wraparound."Since then, Alexis has continued to thrive in her mother's home.

I've heard before, "Sometimes the hardest people to love are the ones who need it the most." Every child needs someone to fight for them, and even through the ups and downs, Wraparound has hope for them until they find hope for themselves.

Note: Names and identifying factors have been changed to protect the anonymity of our families.



AuthorAmy Clark